A school is a temple for learning, gym for fitness, training centre for discipline, book on ethics and home for learners where children learn the art of living, coping with emotions, co-operation, dedication, honesty, perseverance and importance of hard work. A school is the place that provides opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop like a plant under the supervision of teachers. Education means to educate children in all aspects of life. Education teaches them how to behave & how to solve the problems in a better way than others. Education provides training for social, emotional and thinking skills which make the children socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and economically rich & sound to reach on the top. Education saves the children from evils and makes them to follow right paths of life. It frightens the children from evils and encourages them to do something good and creative.

The objectives of a school are all-round development of children and to recognise the talents of children in particular fields of their interests and capabilities to make them achieve the desirable success. For this, a school analyses children of its own by using different types of parameters and observations. After finding out the talents of the children, it channelizes those talents to right directions to get the best results. "We insist on motto of our school “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”, it means, knowledge is one that makes the children free from greed, jealousy, hatred, anger and from all the other evils of life to make them a responsible and honest citizens of our nation to keep our tricolour flag high & high in nation and abroad."

Mr. B.K. Mishra Principal