• 1. All parents are requested to impart health education to their children so that they

  • a : Maintain personal hygiene Exercise regularly.
  • b : Sleep at least seven hours daily.
  • c : Eat a balanced diet, nutritionally rich in proteins and vitamins.
  • d : Avoid consumption of ice-cream etc.and other eatables from road side vendors or outlets.

  • 2. Immunize your child against the following

  • a : BCG
  • b : DTP
  • c : Oral Polio
  • d : Measles/ MMR
  • e : DT at 5 years of age
       Tetanus booster dose must be given between 7-16 yrs age and also to be given if injured.
  • f : Typhoid
  • g : Cholera
  • h : Hepatitis B
  • i : Meningitis

  • 3.Students suffering from diseases such as chickenpox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps and
      Jaundice must observe the prescribed period of quarantines mentioned below:

  • a : Chickenpox - Two weeks
  • b : Cholera - Till the child is completely well.
  • c : Measles - Two weeks after the rashes disappear
  • d : Mumps - until the swelling disappears.
  • e : Jaundice - Six weeks after recovery.

  • 4. Parents are requested not to send their ward to school if the child is suffering from any infectious disease like conjunctivitis, Dermatitis and Scabies etc.

  • 5. Students suffering from chronic diseases asthma, epilepsy, rheumatic heart diseases etc are advised to be under continuous medical supervision of specialist doctor.

  • History of their illness with the specified treatment and the doctor’s contact number must be communicated to school.

  • 6. A student returning to school after suffering from any kind of sickness is required to bring a medical certificate from their doctor on joining the school, a copy of which must

  • be submitted in the school clinic to be endorsed by school doctor.

  • 7. The medical details of student must be filled up by parents in the space provided in school diary.