Confirming with well known African proverb “Those who open schools, close prisons”, Bhavya Bharti Trust has opened Central Hindu School, a centre of excellence where young, creative & restless minds are guided for righteous path. Bhavya Bharti Trust thus contributes in shaping the destiny of the nation.
Education, we all believe, is not an ordinary or tradable commodity and mere salesmanship does not fetch us the right returns. It is this realisation which has inspired Bhavya Bharti Trust to plunge into this holy act. We believe that students from ordinary social & economical background are also not less in any respect than those who are borne with silver spoon in their mouths, if they are given opportunity with love, care & personal touch. Central Hindu School has proved it at all levels within the school activities and outside activities & competitions conducted by many social organizations.

Management is always vigilant about every activity of school. I assure all the parents that the school will endeavour to educate the students to make them global citizens who will be confidently armed with knowledge, experience and compassion. They will not hesitate to stand up for what is right and their ethics and values will be unwavering and strong. They will be instrumental in making a difference wherever they venture. They will definitely stand apart from the general crowd with their self-confidence & poise.

"I hope that with the long experience of our Principal and dedication of his team of teachers, we will continue the tradition of providing developmental & transformative education to our students. May God bless us with the strength & wisdom to fulfil the dreams of our young generation."
Mr. Anil Tripathi Manager