For the last 46 years, right since 1970 I am in teaching profession. I worked as a PGT (Physics), Vice Principal & as a Principal for 9 years. Presently I have been working as a Director Education for the last 7 years. I have seen many phases of educational environment during these years like teachers’ concern & dedication, students’ behaviour with teachers & with their own parents & involvement in studies, rise of internet world & it's good & bad effects. Sometimes I feel shaken. Every day is a challenging day for us. Students of today are very intelligent and awakened. In certain fields, they are much ahead of teachers. We, teachers & students, may call ourselves the most modern in having the latest mobile in our hands, the best electronic gadgets at home, the best personal means of transportation, the best facilities provided by the parents to attend the best coaching centres and crowd of good books at our study table but if our roots of mind, heart & body are not in contact with the Basic Indian Soil, we will not grow as true son or daughter, true father or mother & true Indian Citizens. We should always keep in our mind that the fittest ever survived and today too, the fittest only will survive, whether student, teacher or parent. My dedicated team of teachers is always cautions at this front. Let us all together work to make ourselves the fittest in all respects in this competitive world.
Our school started in Feb. 2000 with handful of students in a rented house. Today we have our own grand building with airy, electrified 55 class rooms, a rich Library, well equipped labs of Physics, Chemistry , Biology & two labs of Computer with 85 computers & big play ground. We have 24 hours aqua water & electric supply.


A school is not known merely by its grand building and other material infrastructure. School is considered to be live with its educational values, ethics, true & sincere concern towards the students by teachers & towards the teachers by students, discipline amongst teachers & students, Parent-Teacher mutual healthy understanding, psychological, remedial & tender approach towards student’s problems and above all belongingness to the institution. I am proud of my all teachers who are nurturing the students’ mind & soul in a very healthy manner.

I pray to Almighty to bless everyone concerned with CHS, the great vision, strong wings to fly & the holy wisdom to think & plan to fulfil the dreams.
Mr. J.P Sethi Director